Current standards in abdominal cavity ultrasound examination in children

Michał Brzewski

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J Ultrason 2017; 17: 41–42.
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2017.0006

Technological progress forces us to present after several years the updated standards in ultrasound examination of newborns, infants and older children. It should be emphasized that the examination of the youngest patients requires one to use high-class equipment. Lack of cooperation on the part of the child and imaging small structures constitute a huge challenge for the examiner. The work presents equipment requirements, the technology of examining the abdominal cavity in children and the manner of preparing the examination result. Moreover, modern expectations as regards ultrasound surgery equipment, where children are subject to examination have been presented. The minimum set of heads the ultrasound apparatus should be equipped with has also been pointed out as well as the minimum requirements concerning image recording. Extending the scope of heads over “minimum” significantly raises the imaging possibilities in pediatrics. Standard preparation of children for ultrasound has been discussed, taking into consideration the age of the patient and indications. It is essential to understand that it differs from standard preparation for examination in the case of adults. The technique of examining the abdominal cavity has been described, which enables the repeatability of examinations and ensuring making all the available structures visible. It proves imperative especially in the case of a large number of examinations. Attention should be paid particularly to the urinary system imaging – owing to the greatest incidence of congenital diseases in that system.

ultrasonography, standard, child, newborn