Duplicated inferior vena cava with coexisting multiple vascular anomalies and their clinical implications: a case report

Cezary Gołąbek1, Karolina Druć1, Zuzanna Dusińska1, Jakub Franke1, Emil Głowacki1, Agata Kuskowska1, Adrianna Mróz1, Oliwia Opacka1, Oktawia Pięta1, Anna Świderska1, Karol Welc1, Dominika Jaguś2, Agnieszka Krauze2, Maciej Jędrzejczyk2

Affiliation and address for correspondence
J Ultrason 2019; 19: 236–239
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2019.0035

The paper presents the case of a 23-year-old man with multiple venous anomalies. The abnormalities were asymptomatic, and they were detected accidentally on routine abdominal ultrasound examination. The anomalies were found in the inferior vena cava, right testicular vein, left renal vein, and hepatic veins. Familiarity with different developmental variants within the inferior vena cava and other venous vessels plays a crucial role in ultrasound imaging. Vascular anomalies, although rare, should be taken into account in the differential diagnosis of focal lesions within the abdominal cavity. Also, variation in vascular anatomy may be a precipitating factor for blood flow disorders, and hence predispose patients to deep vein thrombosis and other pathological conditions. The reported case serves as a valuable addition to the knowledge of the vascular system that radiologists use in their everyday practice when performing diagnostic ultrasound examinations.

inferior vena cava, vascular anomalies, renal vein, hepatic vein