The International Prenatal Cardiology Collaboration Group – a new concept for global research study

Maciej Słodki1, Katarzyna Zych-Krekora1, Roland Axt-Fliedner2, Ana Bianchi3, Edward Araujo Junior4, Isaac Blickstein5, Sefa Kelekci6, Lami Yeo7, Jay D. Pruetz8, Giuseppe Rizzo9, Neil Seligman10, Mark Sklansky11, Luc de Catte12, Stuart Weiner13, Frank Chervenak14, Jader Cruz15, Andrii Kurkevych16, Michał Krekora17, Maria Respondek-Liberska1

Affiliation and address for correspondence
Journal of Ultrasonography 2016; 16: 94–96
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2016.0010
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Congenital heart defects are among the most common congenital defects and contribute substantially to the mortality of newborns and young infants, in spite of well-developed medical and surgical treatments.