The ultrasonographic dynamic heel-rise test of the Achilles tendon

Beata Ciszkowska-Łysoń1,2, Urszula Zdanowicz3,4, Robert Śmigielski5

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J Ultrason 2021; 21: e260–e266
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2021.0043
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The treatment of Achilles tendon rupture attempts to restore the primary anatomical structure and principal biomechanical properties of the damaged tendon. Postoperative clinical assessment of the healing progression and function monitoring may be difficult and require experience. Diagnostic imaging (ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging) helps monitor the healing process. In the following paper, we propose a heel-rise test – a dynamic assessment of the Achilles tendon performed under direct observation and ultrasound monitoring to establish the tension of the Achilles tendon. The test allows for a simple assessment of tendon function and may be safely repeated at any postoperative stage. It may be performed by a physician, radiologist and physiotherapist to monitor the recovery process following Achilles tendon damage.

Achilles tendon rupture, Achilles tendon ultrasonography, heel-rise test, Achilles tendon reconstruction, Achilles tendon function assessment