Ultrasonography-guided sialolithotomy and stricture dilations of the major salivary glands: a preliminary study

Kaan Orhan1,2, Poyzan Bozkurt3, Zeynep Serap Berktaş1, Mehmet Hakan Kurt1

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DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2021.0038
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Aim of the study: The present preliminary study aims to evaluate the possible positive outcomes of ultrasonography-guided sialolithotomies and duct stricture dilations utilizing stone retrieval baskets and guide wires. Case description: A total of 6 cases in an ongoing study (4 cases of sialolithiasis and 2 cases of duct strictures with intraluminal adhesion) were analyzed. All sialoliths were <5 mm in diameter. Stone removals and duct dilations were performed under ultrasonography guidance with two different types of linear probes. Edema measurements were carried out, and the area of edema was evaluated via the echogenicity changes. Patient satisfaction was also evaluated by the patients themselves using a Visual Analog Scale questionnaire on postoperative day 0, and on days 1, 2, and 3. Conclusions: There were no postoperative complications, and mouth openings returned to normal at 7-day follow-up. The pain scores decreased after 6 hours, and pain subsided completely after 12 hours in all the patients. Edema also resolved gradually after the operation. The patient satisfaction levels were high.