Real-time ultrasound-guided thoracentesis simulation using an optical see-through head-mounted display: a proof-of-concept study

Shotaro Okachi1,2,3, Toshinori Matsui1,2, Manami Sakurai2, Takayasu Ito1, Masahiro Morise1, Kazuyoshi Imaizumi3, Makoto Ishii1, Michitaka Fujiwara2

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J Ultrason 2024; 24: 12
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2024.0012
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Aim: This study aimed to examine the feasibility and potential benefits of an optical see-through headmounted display (OST-HMD) during real-time ultrasound-guided thoracentesis simulations. Material and methods: Six physicians performed a thoracentesis simulation using an OST-HMD and a wireless image transmission system. The time required, puncture needle visibility, pleural fluid collection success rate, and head movement during the procedure using a smart glass equipped with an inertial measurement unit were all recorded and compared with and without the HMD. Results: Study participants successfully extracted effusions in all procedures. The use of OST-HMD did not significantly affect the time of the procedure, but notably decreased the horizontal and vertical head movements during the procedure. Conclusions: The study demonstrated the feasibility of using an OST-HMD in a simulated real-time ultrasoundguided thoracentesis procedure and showed the potential of HMD in thoracentesis to improve ergonomics and accuracy. Further research is necessary to confirm these findings.

ultrasound; head-mounted display; pleural effusion; thoracentesis
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